Meet Shannon, owner of Yozo Studio


Shannon Vindiola is owner and head designer of Yozo Studio. Shannon holds a BBA in marketing and a BFA in photography. Two totally unrelated degrees that make her company work. And that juxtaposition of opposites – business + art, modern + old, casual + formal, familiar + unexpected – has come to define her style.

Shannon worked at an advertising agency for 10+ years building marketing and branding strategy for brands such as Cole Haan, Home Depot, Hummer, and Motel 6 before waking up one day to decide to move to the creative side of things. She quit her full-time gig and studied fine art, where she learned letterpress printing. Shannon loved making invitations. She immediately knew she wanted to start a stationery company. Based on client requests, Shannon expanded Yozo Studio from stationery to a wider range of design offerings. She loves going into work each day not knowing what kind of project she’ll tackle next.

Meet Shannon
Shannon Vindiola


"We love working with Shannon. Shannon is exactly what you are looking for: smart, creative, and highly reliable. We have worked with her on a couple of different projects to date and always know the end product she delivers is even better than we could have imagined!" Netta L, JEWishly