We think there's something to those thoughtful birthday celebrations we had at home growing up in the 1970s and 1980s. It was exciting to pick the cake for mom to bake from Baker's Cut-Up Cake Party Book.

Perfect Doll, Baker's Cut-Up Cake Party Book, 1973

We're not saying you have to bake a cake! But we are saying that our own parties and seeing our parents throw a dinner party (boy, could they entertain!) inspired our new party collection. Most of our parties are designed to host in the backyard at home. And with the pandemic, it's the perfect time to celebrate at home and outdoors. If you're in New England, it will be warm soon!

Here are some tips for successfully hosting in your home:

  • Create a plan for rain or bad weather. Will you move inside, rent a tent or reschedule?
  • Keep outside if possible. Clean-up is usually easier outside.
  • If hosting inside, clean after the party not before. Most folks don't notice what you notice. Schedule someone to clean immediately or a few days afterward.
  • If inside, crank up the A/C. Our deep Texas roots won't less us leave this one off the list. But it applies anywhere.
  • Hire a babysitter or housekeeper during the event. They're a great extra set of hands for set up, clean up, or even comforting your child if they meltdown. Or tending to that one guest that needs attention.
  • Have a friend or grandparent take over photography duty so you can be in the moment.
  • Keep it simple and plan so you can enjoy it. (Our complete party kits make that easy!)

Before you mail invitations or hit send, it's a good idea to check the latest guidelines posted by the CDC and your local government concerning events and gatherings.