Our answer to the annual question to "What am I going to give this year?"


Who’s on your holiday gift list? And what are you going to give this year? We all face trying to think of something thoughtful and distinctive to give during the holiday season. Sometimes it’s a lack of inspiration. We can help you create a gift that you are excited to give to the important folks on your list. 


One clear solution is personalized stationery. It is a one-of-a-kind, consumable gift that can be used for any occasion. We recommend using: 

- to staying in touch the old fashion way with friends and family (beyond camp where technology is banned and letters are the only option).

- in place of a typical sympathy, wedding or birthday card. 

- to write thank you notes. 


A personalized piece of stationery adds a bit of luxury, especially when printed letterpress that you can feel on fine cotton paper. Your recipient will feel exceptional with something tailored to them. And they will be relieved when they don’t have to scramble for a card. It’s perfect to have a stash on hand when needed. 


One of our favorite people asks us every year to create a personalized product for her family’s annual holiday gift. She likes paper and knows how useful it can be. We print digitally to stick closely to her budget but the gift remains custom. Win. Win. 


Here are some non-stationery items we created over the years:


Coasters personalized with each family’s last name. Each family received a set of 20 coasters.



Mailing labels personalized with each family’s return address information. Each family received a pack of 50 labels because not everything is shipped back to Amazon with a QR code.



Wine gift tags are personalized with each family’s last name to dress up the bottle without the fuss of gift wrapping. Each family received pack of 25.



Tabletop accessories that included napkins and personalized placemats to ease the work entertaining during the busy holiday season. Each family received set of 50 napkins and placemats.



Stationery, tabletop accessories, and labels are all custom and individual to the giver and receiver. They won’t get two of these.